Transforming Distribution Center Operations with AI-Powered WFM

Distribution Center operators face unique challenges in today’s environment. They must operate efficiently, comply with labor laws, and cultivate and retain a highly productive workforce.

With Legion’s AI-powered WFM platform, you can transform distribution center operations. Watch the on-demand webcast and learn how you can reduce labor costs, gain 98% forecast accuracy, and optimize employee engagement and productivity. Here are the key benefits of Legion WFM:

  • Demand forecasting: Our data models automatically gather inputs from your key demand drivers to determine the number of pallets and cases your operators will get on each truck. Legion WFM forecasts integrate seamlessly with leading warehouse management systems (WMS).
  • Labor optimization: Legion WFM uses machine learning (ML) to optimize your labor plan and save costs – it delivers staffing guidance based on demand, labor standards, business policies, and budget constraints to help create long-range staffing plans with fixed and flexible schedules.
  • Automated scheduling: Automatically create fully compliant schedules that are on budget, with the most productive workers who have the right skill sets, scheduled at the right time, with one-click AI-based scheduling.
  • Employee engagement: Put more schedule visibility and control at your employees’ fingertips with easy-to-use self-service tools, so they can manage schedule preferences, swap shifts, and claim open shifts to get gig-like flexibility.

Kristin Brennan, VP of Marketing, Legion
Scott Hall, Sr. Sales Engineer, Legion