2022 Seasonal Hourly Workforce Report

Automation and Employee Empowerment Can Reduce Holiday Stress

A new study surveying 1,500 hourly employees and 500 managers in North America found that nearly 90% of store managers are as stressed or more stressed about the upcoming holiday season than last year, and hourly workers feel the strain too.

  • More than 40% of seasonal, hourly employees said their biggest concern was trying to manage work and family
  • 62% of hourly employees agree that a schedule that meets their preferences is the number one factor in looking for seasonal work
  • Instant access to earned wages is a key perk that can help with attracting and retaining hourly employees

Read the full report, and you will learn:

  • Why stress levels have spiked and how it goes beyond the “Anxiety Economy” issues sparked by the pandemic
  • Fresh insights and guidance for businesses looking to create a happier and more profitable holiday season – and a more satisfied and productive workforce
  • Solutions that can help businesses reduce stress in both managers and hourly employees year-round