Hour by Hour: Attracting and Retaining Hourly Employees and Their Managers

Attrition is costly to your bottom line and your employees’ experience. Not to mention the impact on your ability to serve your customers. Today’s workforce is evolving – Millenials and Gen Zers comprise 60% of the hourly workforce. As a result, employee expectations have changed, leading managers to ask, “how do I attract and retain the employees I need?” Legion recently surveyed over 1,000 employees and their managers to uncover answers to these questions:

  • Are there hidden reasons why your employees are leaving?
  • What do employees value the most?And what would make them stay with a company longer?
  • Do managers and employees value the same things?
In this webcast, you’ll learn what employees value the most and three actions you can take today that will help you create a great experience for your employees. Register now to watch it on-demand.