Legion AI-Powered WFM: Your Path to the Possible

Reduce Labor Spend & Increase Employee Engagement

Legion AI-Powered Workforce Management puts you on your path to a bright future where everything is possible.

You can optimize labor efficiency and reduce attrition through a better employee experience simultaneously. Imagine a future where you can:

  • Accurately predict your future: Use demand forecasting that’s based on machine learning – it’s self-learning and delivers precise forecasts even in changing conditions.
  • Automate and uplevel: Automate more than 55 routine workforce management tasks and spend more time upleveling your team and interacting with customers. Automatically create schedules that match business needs with employee preferences and eliminate administrative burdens.
  • Empower and engage employees: Provide gig-like schedule flexibility to your employees while decreasing labor costs through reduced attrition. Give them an app they’ll love and modern communication tools that increase engagement and build culture and commitment.
  • Streamline compliance: Automatically manage the complexities of local labor laws to reduce labor costs and increase store managers’ peace of mind.

It’s all possible today with Legion’s AI-Powered Workforce Management. Learn what your future can be and how’ll help you get there with minimal risk, cost, and disruption.

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