Workforce management doesn’t have to be complicated. Solutions built on outdated technology often lack mature data science, are highly customized, costly to maintain, and lack the flexibility you need to adapt to changing business needs. Retailers today must be agile to react and quickly adapt to consumer and employee needs.

  • What prevents you from accurate staffing to support newly needed skills or channels?
  • Does your WFM solution continuously learn and improve?
  • Are managers spending too much time adjusting schedules for fairness or changing business, keeping them off the floor?

Watch our webcast, Intelligent Automation Powered by Legion WFM: Say Goodbye to Your Legacy Solution, to learn why leading retailers turn to Legion for a fresh, innovative approach to WFM.

Old solutions don’t solve new problems. In this webcast, you’ll learn:

  • How intelligent, automated, and employee-centric WFM improves labor efficiency and employee engagement simultaneously.
  • How WFM powered by intelligent automation can give you time back to optimize the employee and customer experience and drive top-line revenues/sales while staying compliant and within budget.
  • How modern WFM increases retention with increased flexibility and adoption.
  • See Legion’s intuitive UI and automated WFM platform in action.

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